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Introducing AuctioneerAdvanced

What is so "Advanced" about it?

AuctioneerAdvanced is the next evolution in Auction statistics software, rewritten from the ground up to be more memory friendly, more featureful and more accurate from the get-go - AuctioneerAdvanced also posesses a new attitude and outlook on the entire auctioning process.

Whereas Auctioneer 4.0 was the result of a gradual evolution from the very first version of Auctioneer to what you see today, incorporating and rolling changes, patches, bugs and fixes, AuctioneerAdvanced is a purpose written piece of software that addresses todays auction house issues, and contains no legacy decisions which restrict its evolution.

It has been written to maximize the current abilities of the WoW/Lua API, and to answer the concerns of its users.

It has also been written to be modular and easily extensible, either by the development team, or you if that's your thing!

Will it convert my old statistics data?

The short answer is "no". AuctioneerAdvanced has no use for the older auction data provided by Auctioneer 4. AuctioneerAdvanced keeps entirely different statistics to those provided by Auctioneer 4.

The long answer is that AucioneerAdvanced will run beside Auctioneer 4 quite happily. You may continue to run them side-by-side for however long it takes you to build up your AuctioneerAdvanced database, or even forever if you like. It doesn't matter to AuctioneerAdvanced, as it's a completely seperate AddOn, and lives in its own namespace.

What are some of the cooler features of AuctioneerAdvanced?

AuctioneerAdvanced has a whole bunch of innovative new features, made possible by the new modular architecture. Some of the more interesting ones are:

Very small memory footprint. Efficiency is the name of the game here, AuctioneerAdvanced is no longer a monolithic memory hog, and if memory is tight, you can even turn off modules that you don't need to reduce memory consumption even more.

Immunity to the old "constants overflow" problem when your SavedVariables files filled up. Auctioneer Advanced's more efficient footprint and modular architecture makes these problems a concern of the past.

Stack-based auction scanning subsystem makes it possible to pause and resume auctions. You can leave the auction house in the middle of a scan to go and see the mailbox or your banker, and come back to continue right where you left off. Refreshing prices of an item when posting auctions can also be done in the middle of scanning without skipping a beat.
Note: to support the pause and resume functionality, you should use AuctioneerAdvance's scan function ( /aadv scan ) and not scan using Auctioneer 4

No more lag at the end of a scan. When it's done, it's done! And no more lag means no more disconnects due to processing induced timeout.

Incremental scanning. Even when you're not scanning, you're still scanning. Every auction you search for, every page you see adds it's data to the stats engine. As a matter of fact, it's possible to generate a quite comprehensive database of statistics without even once scanning the auction house!

Graphical configuration GUIs. No more /command headaches when setting up your auctioneer preferences. All settings are now available in a handy cofiguration GUI for you to play with to your heart's content.

New CompactUI browsing interface lets you view more information about the auctions you're searching for at once, letting you truly get a feel for what you're seeing. Price levels, per item pricing all become standard features when you activate this optional interface.

New Appraiser auction posting interface helps you auction off those common items with ease. It remembers your auction preferences for every item you auction, so that the next time you come back, you can see exactly what you did last time! Batches of items, stack sizes, pricing models, auction duration, fixed prices; all data is preserved for next time you need to auction that item.

Gimme some screenshots!

Ok, well that's not a question, but ok:


Here you can see the new CompactUI in action. Note that the lines have less wasted vertical space, and contain the price level information beside the prices.

There is also an easily accessible "Show stacks as price per unit" checkbox which normalizes the prices for easier comparison.


This is the Appraiser interface which allows you to easily post batches of auctions and remember pricing options per item between sessions.

The left side of the interface contains all of the auctionable items that are in your bags.

The top panel contains the sizing and pricing configuration.

The right panel contains general details about how the items will be stacked and priced when the auctions are posted.

Finally the bottom panely shows what items are currently at auction for this item, and can be refreshed at any time (even while scanning) by pressing the Refresh button at the bottom.

An easily accessible "Configure" button at the top brings up the configuration settings GUI for you to play with general configuration settings.

Where can I get it?

AuctioneerAdvanced is in Alpha status and as such is available from our main download page.